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Tickle Plenty Series

Written by George Minkoff

Narrated by Alison Larkin

Cover Illustrations by Laurie Levine


"George Minkoff charms with his imaginative children's audiobook trilogy. The beautiful writing of the Tickle Plenty series is full of with that will delight  children."

~  Story Monsters Magazine

"What a treat it has been to be given the task of finding just the right voice for a bear, a young giant, a little girl, words, bats, clouds, a magic wand, various wizards and a bubble gum tree to name but a very few of the many vivid, original characters populating the Tickle Plenty series!"

~ Award-winning Narrator, Alison Larkin


Tickle Plenty and the Bubble Gum Tree

Introducing Tickle Plenty, the brave, smart, curious ten-year-old girl who lives in a house constructed of chocolate chip cookies, surrounded by a forest filled with glowing leaves of all the colors of the rainbow. With her playmates, a very young giant, a talking bird and bear, and a friend called Goodie Two-Shoes, Tickle journeys to the Ice Cream Volcano to find out if the Age of Magic is truly lost.

Play sample

Tickle Plenty and the Bubble Gum Tree - Sample

"Original, poetic, and creative—a talking swing hangs from a chocolate chip celling, bubblegum can be picked from a tree, a lemonade river flows through the Rainbow Forest—Tickle Plenty and the Bubblegum Tree makes for a wonderful audio experience that will readily fill up the time on a road trip or provide companionship during some quiet time. Minkoff’s ending will leave listeners ready to jump into Tickle Plenty and the Lollipop Garden and Tickle Plenty and the Kingdom of the Clouds, also read by Alison Larkin"

~ The Children's Book Review

Tickle Plenty and the Bubble Gum Tree

Tickle Plenty and the Lollipop Garden

The friends are going on a birthday adventure to visit the Lollipop Garden through the Rainbow Forest. They go down the Lemonade River on a boat that can almost fly. They meet a herd of talking words. Eventually they arrive at a very sickly Lollipop Garden. To cure the Lollipop flowers and save the harvest they must explore the Sweet Rock Cave and outwit an ancient magic.


Play sample

Tickle Plenty and the Lollipop Garden - Sample

   ~ S.C. © AudioFile 2019, Portland, Maine [Published: MAY 2019]

"Narrator Alison Larkin brings the imaginary world of TICKLE PLENTY to life with a voice as light and sweet as cotton candy. As Tickle and her friends go on a magical adventure down the Lemonade River to the Lollipop Garden, Larkin narrates at a slow pace with deliberate, precise diction that is clear and singsong as a bell. She portrays the characters of this fantasy world vividly, creating just the right voice for each, including a breathy, exuberant Tickle; a badly behaved magic wand with a Cockney accent; a grandfatherly British bear; a wise child giant with a Scottish accent; a delightfully buzzzzy bee; an excitable, fast-talking bird; and many others. This audiobook is perfect for young children who like gentle, imaginative stories."                                                                                                                                       


Tickle Plenty and the Kingdom of the Clouds

There are strange voices in the Rainbow Forest. When it rains, strange faces appear. The friends visit the Nothing Happening Festival, and purchase huge balls of very light cotton candy. Much too light! An unusual gusting windstorm pushes them into the sky and through the clouds. There, they encounter the last of the wizards of the Age of Magic.

Play sample

Tickle Plenty and the Kingdom of the Clouds - Sample

Download Tickle Plenty Activities Kit

Engage your child's imagination as they listen to the adventures of Tickle Plenty and her friends with these printable graphics.  We've left plenty of space for them to add their own creative imaginings! 

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