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Novels - In the Land of Whispers Series


The Weight of Smoke

The Dragons of the Storm

The Leaves of Fate

Tickle Plenty Children's Series

The whimsical fantasy realm he has created, combined with its superb narration by AudioFile Earphones Award-winner Alison Larkin, gives off a nostalgic feeling—making it enjoyable for adults, too. 

~ The Children's Book Review

Tickle Plenty Video
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About George Minkoff

George Minkoff is a 1965 graduate of Clark University. He did some graduate work in library science at Columbia University. He has written two bibliographies concerning American publishers working in Paris in the 1920s and ‘30s: Bibliography of the Black Sun Press and Bibliography of the Black Manikin Press, both standard references in the field. He also the author of the trilogy In the Land of Whispers is, an historical novel concerning the English in the New World. The first and second volumes, The Weight of Smoke and The Dragons of the Storm were published in 2006 and 2007. The third volume The Leaves of Fate was published in 2010. Francis Ford Coppola at American Zoetrope and Lone Dog Limited took an option on the trilogy to produce feature films, or more likely, a television series.

George has published a dozen illustrated children’s poems in magazines, and have authored a series of sixty light essays for a local newspaper. He was also the associate editor with J.D. McClatchy of The Poetry of Song, a series of essays by major poets about the song lyrics of Stephen Sondheim. My comic science fiction audio

books, The Speed of Light Garage and Planetary Liquidator’s Auction House and Bridal Shop, are available on and

The most important addition to his life has been his granddaughter, who lives in San Francisco. George lives in Massachusetts. Fromaveryearlyage they talked on the phone quite frequently, playing imagination games, and he would write poetry for her. They became phone pals. As she grew older and went to school, the time spent on the phone became somewhat less frequent, except when she had vacations. 

One vacation George's granddaughter asked him to tell her a story, and that’s how Tickle Plenty happened.




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