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Science Fiction Audio

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The Speed of Light Garage

The universe is out of sorts. The laws of probability are out of whack. Quantum mechanicals are having a trans-space beer fest. Who to put the universe back together again but Sheldon, an existential detective; a logical falafelist, now a philosophical short-order cook; a paranormal detective known as The Sleeper; a bombshell of a nurse; an obsessive-compulsive waitress; a shape shifter; a whole menagerie of extra-terrestrials, all at a parking lot known as The Speed of Light Garage. Listen to the bureaucrats' theory of creation, a trans-planetary love affair, a two-headed Freudian couch potato! Discover them in this rollicking novella. Also including cameo appearances by Sartre, Camus, Wittgenstein, Descartes, and an entire menagerie of the philosophically forgotten.


The Planetary Liquidator's Auction House and Bridal Shop Podcast

The universe is in a bad mood. It’s expanding faster than anyone thought. It’s beginning to break apart. Galaxies and planets are disappearing, property values are falling, a fracture has been seen in the sky over San Francisco. No one noticed. They thought it was a science fiction movie. Only Sheldon, our existential detective, his new secretary Miss Spent, an astrophysicist and shapeshifter who hides in full sight a public secret, and Dan Lapadella, shapeshifter trans-galactic entrepreneur, understand the dire situation. Come with us to save the universe and the value of everyone’s real estate. Meet the cartographer who keeps a map of the universe in a totally hollow planet. Join us, hear the door with a bad disposition. Meet the Unks, robotic miniature toys who possess the most sophisticated artificial intelligence. Meet the president of Berkeley, who believes thinking is not a safe space. Journey to the planet of the two-heads, Bicephylon, and the double-headed Bicephylon girl: half party girl, the other half prissy. All this and much, much more, as we visit a menagerie of uniquely weirdo planets and their inhabitants, all linked to the Planetary Liquidator’s Auction House and Bridal Shop, in this fun-filled, science fiction romp.


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