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In the Land of Whispers Trilogy

George Minkoff is one of the bravest men alive. He has gambled that a three-part epic novel about 17th century Colonial America — written in a language that mimics the speech of the time — can hold the interest of 21st century readers and bring satisfactions and delights as a work of contemporary fiction. Remarkably enough, he has won his bet.


— Paul Auster

In the Land of Whispers is one of the more ambitious works of historical fiction to appear in recent years. Minkoff's brilliant trilogy chronicles the founding of the first successful English colony in the New World at Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607.

Tickle Plenty Series

"Minkoff has created a unique world that kids will surely appreciate. The whimsical fantasy realm he has created, combined with its superb narration by AudioFile Earphones Award-winner Alison Larkin, gives off a nostalgic feeling - making it enjoyable for adults, too. The pacing, individual accents for each character, and Larkin’s intonation are absolutely marvelous!”

~ The Children's Book Review


Likened to Alice in Wonderland, the captivating story of 10-year-old Tickle Plenty and her friends ignites the imagination of anyone who enjoys sharing laughs, solving puzzles, and infusing magic into the world around them. 

Read by award-winning Narrator Alison Larkin, the first three books in the series showcase a truly delightful celebration of characters and voices, enjoyable for children and adults alike.  

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